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Every woman's body is beautiful. However, we all try to be even more beautiful. A nightmare for many of us here? Cellulite, coagulation and scars. Even if we do not now the details of the reasons for the origin of these undesired irregularities, certainly each woman recognizes them and the goal is clear! First we want to get rid of the cellulite or at least improve the situation. Secondly, prevent the occurrence of coagulation or tone down the results of the coagulation already created and thirdly get rid of the scars left by any type of surgical operation or skin problems such as abscesses or boils. Are the above stated goals achievable? Of course, they are. There are many paths. Some are painful, others are expensive and the third ones are infective.




Cellulite is waste substance that builds up between the fat cells and the capillaries due to the poor functioning of the lymph system. You cannot remove it by exercising or by dieting, which means that you cannot get rid of it. Try the electronic device Dermatron, which stimulates the detoxification and elimination of excess fluid and aids in the relaxation of cell knots. 

 The results will not be visible over night; however, if you will just take a half hour each day to massage the problematic areas with small circular motions, your wavy skin on your thighs will become completely smooth and firm.

Instructions for use – Please carefully read the operating instructions before the first use!

1. The space where the application Takes place should be pleasant for you, that you are as relaxed and the problem of cellulite can tackle.

2. Before applying the contact gel, which is urgently needed for the greatest success, please take a care that the area of skin should  be cleaned.

3. Apply to the skin surface Dermagel to secure a high skin elasticity and conductivity.

4. Turn on the power and set under contact with the skin on the desired stimulation level. Important! There must always be a pleasant tingle. You should never feel unpleasant or even painful on the selected area!

5. During the contact with the product, make small circular motions from the bottom to the top of the skin. Please make sure that the contact between the contact probe and the skin is present during the application. The shape of           Dermatron allows a smooth and liquid slide, with the probe on the skin.

6. The initial application period is different from the level of cellulite and the skin surface. The time required is initially about 25 minutes. After intensive initial application, the duration and frequency can be significantly reduced. The gentle stream of pulses Dermatron is safe and has no side effect.

However, the use of the groups following is strictly forbidden!    - Persons with pacemakers!    - Pregnant women!