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• Complete massage set to indulge your body.

• Scientifically proved to increase blood circulation &  therefore metabolism.


You can do away with morning bloating in three minutes by massaging your face with the face roller... Have you noticed any jealous gazes yet? The eight massage wheels and the handle, which can turn around its axis, is key to the versatility of the Colibri (Hummingbird) roller. It revives the entire body from head to heels with long and even movements. Do not bite your nails off in order to solve your problems... just take the Busy hand. Sore muscles are an indicator of too much exercise. To achieve faster regeneration and pain relief, massage the muscle crosswise in relation to the muscle fibres with the Trackroller. Regular massage with the Amy massage disc soothes and even relives back pains that appear during late pregnancy, it establishes equilibrium in case of breastfeeding disorders and prevents the formation of stretch marks (and reduces the already formed ones) that result from the reduced elasticity of the skin.