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  • WonderWheels-Foot Massager

WonderWheels-Foot Massager

Benefits: 1. Promote blood circulation and metabolism, improve your sleep quality. Your brain can get sufficient oxygen, make you refreshed and clear mind. 2. Can improve hypertension, rheumatic pain, waist sour backache. 3. Can gradually improve the foot problem. 4. Help with the knee inflammation, arthritis and joint pain. 5. Relieve edema, varicose veins leg and paralysis of the legs. 6. Keep using on a regular basis, can more effective improve insomnia, strengthen the function of the digestive system.

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Foot Massager and Roller - Deeply massage the foot acupoints, relax muscles, and tissue, stimulate blood circulation.

Convenient and Easy to Use - With our  Foot Massager, there would be no need for electric, just put it under your feet, move your feet back and forth, and treat yourself to a relaxing and invigorating foot massage. because it is Portable, you can enjoy it at home, office, outdoor, or during travel.

• High-quality Material 

• For Your Feet and Body Health - Some medical researches says that there are so many acupoints on our feet, and foot massage can provide relief for many other body ailments. So a daily foot massage session for ten minutes will help to improve your foot and body health.